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What is a window sticker?

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 The window sticking machine is also called the carton window film laminating machine, which is mainly used for the window carton film, which consists of several steps such as filming, papering, gluing, film cutting and bonding. For all kinds of window gift boxes, cosmetics boxes, tissue boxes, open window corrugated carton film.
 Window stick structure
 1. Flat belt paper-feeding mechanism, which can continuously feed paper without stopping; the positioning mechanism is accurate.
 2. The glue coating method ensures uniform sizing and can effectively control the amount of glue.
 3. Horizontal knife cutting film, stable and reliable.
 4. Well-designed fine-tuning device is easy to adjust.
 Safety operation points
 1. Before starting the machine, check that the handles, buttons, and safety guard are in the predetermined position. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe place;
 2. When the machine is running, it is not allowed to contact the running paper products, cutting objects, etc., only after the machine is stopped, the machine can be cleaned or the passage blockage can be eliminated;
 3. After the machine is commissioned, check that all tools or other items have been removed from the machine, then jog the machine slowly for a week to avoid accidents;
 4. All safety devices must remain intact and effective, and repair or replace the faulty parts in a timely manner;
 5. If the machine suddenly stops for some reason, press the “Emergency Stop” button to lock the window. Check the cause and restart the machine after the fault has been eliminated.
 6. Before restarting the machine, carefully inspect the moving parts (rollers, shafts), remove waste paper, debris, etc. from these areas, and confirm the reliability of their position. Be aware that other people around the machine should be in a safe place. Unauthorized personnel are strictly prohibited from operating.
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