Automatic Corner-Cutting and line-Pressing Window Patching Machine
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 BMW series 750L/920L -automatic corner cutting and wire pressing window patching machine has been the latest model pushed to market.with the functions of both simple patching and film patching with creasing,this machine can realize the double creas- ing-double cutting-Circular angle-Round hole- Environmental protection loop mark on PVC.PET.PP.OPP film with the thickness of 0.08-0.3mm.original creation transverse cutting film high speed and quiet.peculiar gluing assembly can be disengaged to avoid glue on belt in case of no paper.full-digital control function all parameters can be fine-tuned during operation.It is also equipped with multi-sensor detection of each station,real-time monitoring of running state and abnormal speed reduction alarm functions.from our continual improvement and philosophy of humanized design,so that it is easy to operate and excellent in efficiency,accuracy and stability.
Technical parameters
Model  BMW-750L BMW-920L BMW-1050L
Papersize W730*L650mm-W100*L150mm W900*L680mm-W150*L150mm W1030*L720mm-W180*L180mm
Film size W330*L300mm-W30*L50mm W380*L350mm-W50*L50mm W450*L400mm-W50*L60mm
Paperthickness Cardboard:200~2000g/m2
Corrugated board:1-6mm
Corrugated board:1-6mm
Corrugated board:1-6mm
Filmthickness 0.1~0.3mm(Heating 0.4mm) 0.1~0.3mm(Heating 0.4mm) 0.1~0.3mm(Heating 0.4mm)
Positioningaccur Top/bottom±0.5mm left/right±0.1mm Top/bottom±0.5mm left/right±0.1mm Top/bottom±0.5mm left/right±0.1mm
Mechanicalspeed Up to 7500 sheet/hour Up to 7500 sheet/hour Up to 7000 sheet/hour
Powervoltage 380V/50HZ(three phase) 380V/50HZ(three phase) 380V/50HZ(three phase)
Machinepower 10.5KW(Heating 16.5KW) 11.5KW(Heating 17.5KW) 13.5KW(Heating 19.5KW)
Machineweight 3000KG 3300KG 3700KG
Dimension(LxW) L7500*W1450*H1750mm L7500*W1620*H1750mm L8000*W1750*H1850mm

 1,Paper Feeding Assembly
 This machine used the Japan imported belt to draw out the paper from the bottom and non stop machine used to continuously add and feed the paper; iterittent belt for paper carrying and feeding has used the servo control, the intermittent paper carrying length can be adjusted on the human machine operation interface according to the length of paper; multiple carrying belts have been equpped with gear and gear rack device which can adjust the position of belt, be more lft or more riaht.
 2,Gluing Assembly
 One high-hardness roller circulating glue used, the rller basement adopts center- oriented device to adjust the thickness of glue; with flexo template gluing, the shape can be carved according to the product need. The roller to install the template has a reference line making the template exact, convenient and fast to istall Gluing position can be adjusted more left or more right, the position regulator can adjust it to more front or more behind, the non- stop machine adjusted the position to all diretions needed,The rllers can be disengaged to avoid glue on belt in case of on paper, Rubber roller can be towed out ,cleaning and maintenance is more convenient.

 3,Filming Assembly
 Independent servo control system is adopted Users can adjust the fim length as per product size without shutdown. The base material can be adjusted horizotly; Meanwhile ,chamfer lines are cut automatcally ater the paper is positioned accurately according to the above regulations attach the filmns to paper box and cut the film via automatically transverse cutter The precision of flm attachment is up to +0.5mm.
 4,Paper Collecting Assembly
 Impoted soft belt conveying Car ; can pevent product cushig,, Paper is cllected fdly spe slecee use acding to0 poud, which ensures perfet qully

 5,Appliance parts
 The whole machine adopts PLC program control. All kinds of electronic components and detector switches are made in Germany, Taiwan and Japan etc.
 6,Film Heating System
 Employ electromagnetic heating system, The heating rller is made of high hardness steel, Mirror chrome plating, At the same time equipped with two sets of film pulling device, Guarantee drawing flm speed synchronization, So as to ensure that the flm does not wipe flowers. Realize the function of ailiary flat film.

 7,Double faced adhesive tape System
 Innovative double- sided adhesive technology, can adopts to most types of double-sided adhesive. Double -sided adhesive incision for the tooth mouth, will not cause the damage to the product itself. According to the actual situation, select double一sided adhesive device.

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