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This Machine Has The Flowi Untions By Conigning Dfeente
●Intemittent Length Sitting : Suitable patching for the universal window,and also patching for the napkin box incision.For double asymmetric windows in one shet,that can be customized according to customer rquirements.
●Double Line Model: Suitable for the universal palching , and also double line paper patching to improve the working efficiency.
●Smal Paper High Speed Model : Suitable for the high speed paper patching for the small paper , the speed improve two times than the common model. ( 16000pcs )
●Small Paper for for Double Line High Sped Model : Suitable for the double patching for the small paper,double patching,the speed improve four times than the common model.
Model FMW-880H FMW-1100H  (Optional double line model)
Paper size W880mm×L680mm - W150mm×L180mm W1080mm×L720mm - W180mm×L180mm
Film size W550mm×L400mm - W30mm×L60mm W750mm×L450mm - W30mm×L70mm
Paper thickness Cardboard:200-2000g/㎡ Corrugated board:1-6mm Cardboard:200-2000g/㎡ Corrugated board:1-6mm
Film thickness PET:0.03∽0.25mm   PVC:0.03∽0.3mm  PET:0.03∽0.25mm   PVC:0.03∽0.3mm 
Positioning accuracy Top/bottom ± 1 mm Top/bottom ± 1 mm
Max. Coating speed 3000-25000 sheet/hour 3000-25000 sheet/hour
Power voltage 380 V/50HZ(three phase) 380 V/50HZ(three phase)
Power required 15 KW 16.5 KW
Weight machine 2550 KG 3350 KG
Dimension (L x W x H) L5700mm×W1630mm×H1750mm L6000mm×W1850mm×H1750mm

1,Paper Feeding Assembly
This machine used the Japan imported belt to draw out the paper from the bottom, which can continuously add paper without stopping the machine. The gap belt conveying adopts independent servo drive and photoelectric cooperation control, which does not need to set the length of paper to ensure high-speed and stable operation. Multiple conveying belts can adjust the left and right positions under any circumstances. and are equipped with vibration motor. The belt vacuum adsorption function can also be added according to the requirements of customers.
2,Push Claw Assembly
This part adopts Double row push gauge correction is adopted to ensure the stability of paper pushing. Each row push gauge can independently adjust the front and rear positions, There are 4 push claws on each row of push gauge, The installation and replacement of the push claw are very convenient and fast. A row of push gauge can be used to complete the operation of small-size paper.

3,Gluing Assembly
It adopts a single high hardness stainless steel glue pipe roller to transfer glue. The thickness of glue can be adjusted according to product requirements. It adopts flexible template transfer glue. The roller on which the template is installed is engraved with reference line, Photoelectric induction automatic gluing,The front and rear positions of glue can be digitally adjusted in the man-machine interface, and the left and right positions of glue can also be adjusted without shutdown, Glue rollers can be pulled out in parallel for easy cleaning
4,Filming Assembly
It adopts digitally adjust the length size of the plastic film, independent servo drive hob slitting, variable single and double speed operation, and non-stop to adjust the front, rear, left and right positions of the film fitting. The air suction box adopts German advanced technology to realize the segmented opening and closing function, and the vacuum suction film adopts unique principle to make the fitting more stable, It is also equipped with the function of cutting the middle of the plastic film (Tissue box) and the function of tracking and positioning the printed film.

5,Paper Collecting Assembly
The imported PU belt is used for stacking paper neatly, the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, the height of the paper receiving part can be adjusted, and it is equipped with paper disordering shutdown photoelectric. The counting f unction can also be installdl according to the user's requirements.
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